demilune of heidenhain

demilune of heidenhain
see demilune I

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  • demilune of Heidenhain — demilune of Hei·den·hain hīd ən .hīn n DEMILUNE Heidenhain Rudolf Peter Heinrich (1834 1897) German histologist and physiologist. Heidenhain studied glandular secretions in the salivary glands, pancreas, breast, and stomach. He formulated a law… …   Medical dictionary

  • demilune of Giannuzzi — demilune of Gian·nuz·zi also demilune of Gia·nuz·zi jä nüt sē n DEMILUNE Giannuzzi Giuseppe (1839 1876) Italian anatomist. Giannuzzi undertook significant research into several areas of anatomy and physiology. He is best known for his discovery… …   Medical dictionary

  • demilune — 1. A small body with a form similar to that of a half moon or a crescent. 2. Term frequently used for the gametocyte of Plasmodium falciparum. [Fr. half moon] Giannuzzi demilunes SYN: serous demilunes. Heidenhain demilunes SYN …   Medical dictionary

  • Heidenhain — Rudolph P.H., German histologist and physiologist, 1834–1897. See H. crescents, under crescent, H. demilunes, under demilune, H. law, H. azan stain, H. iron hematoxylin stain, H. pouch, Biondi H. stain …   Medical dictionary

  • crescent — 1. Any figure of the shape of the moon in its first quarter. 2. The figure made by the gray columns or cornua on cross section of the spinal cord. 3. SYN: malarial c.. [L. cresco, pp. cretus, to grow] articular c. SYN: meniscus lens …   Medical dictionary

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